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The following day the pearls were wrapped up again the way they had arrived,4399📲 and after a letter had been written by the Doctor explaining to the spoonbill what the "pebbles" really were,可爱🐕 they were sent off by registered parcel post to the Harmattan Rocks.

"Here,连连看➰ drink this,连连看🚐" the Doctor ordered,连连看🔹 handing him a tea-cup full of some brown mixture. "I think you will find that that will soon relieve the stiffness in your front legs."




"'It was for your sake I got myself into this beastly mess,可爱🙋' I said,可爱⛽ as she stalked by me with her nose in the air. 'You're an ungrateful woman,宠物‼ that's what you are.'

"'What's the matter,小游戏🐅 Jip?' said he. 'House on fire or something?'4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版The Doctor,可爱👸 taken aback for a moment,可爱👪 gazed at the pistol muzzle,连连看📹 wondering what to do next. Wilkins,小游戏📹 without moving his eyes from the Doctor for a second,宠物♿ closed the pearl box with his left hand and put it into his pocket.

This place he found very different from any of the African villages or settlements he had ever visited. It was quite large,小游戏🌌 almost a city. It was bright and cheerful to look at and the people,可爱📱 like their King,宠物📃 all seemed very kind and jolly.


The Doctor,4399🍲 on hearing this,小游戏🚈 felt glad that he had already got the pink pearls safely off to their owner by registered mail. Then he told the King that he hoped shortly to take a holiday because he was overworked and needed a rest. The King asked where he was going,宠物📭 and the Doctor said he thought of taking a week's canoe trip up the coast toward the Harmattan Rocks.

"Yes,4399🐡 thanks,宠物❗" said John Dolittle.4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版Finding a rope ladder hanging on the side of the man-o'-war,连连看💰 John Dolittle climbed up it,小游戏👲 with Zuzana,可爱📆 and went aboard to see the Captain.

And on the morrow,宠物🔭 crossing once again to the island,小游戏💽 he went on with the discussion and planning and arrangement. It was agreed that the Swallow Mail Service should have its head office here in No-Man's-Land. And that there should be branch offices at Cape Horn,小游戏🎊 Greenland,小游戏🍼 in Christmas Island,宠物👄 Tahiti,连连看🙎 Kashmir,连连看🏩 Thibet and Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. Most of the mails were arranged so that those birds who migrated or went to other lands in the winter and back again in summer should carry the letters on their regular yearly journeys. And as there are some kinds of birds crossing from one land to another in almost every week of the year,小游戏♑ this took care of much of the mails without difficulty.

"I don't think we ought to go back there,连连看🌒" said Begwe. "I don't mind being a soldier in the Fantippo army,连连看🆒 but suppose some other slaver comes along. Maybe the king would sell me again. Did you send that letter to our cousin?"

"'Ark at 'im,宠物🚿" said Cheapside,连连看🐤 raising his eyebrows. "Ain't 'e the poetical porker? Why don't you write a bunch of sonnets to the Skunk-Kissed-Cabbages of Louisiana,宠物🔱 Mr. Bacon?"

"We married her off,可爱🎓" said the great creature,可爱📫 nibbling idly at a lily stalk. "We couldn't stand her here,4399👏 any more than the King could. You never heard anybody talk so in all your life. Yes,连连看📩 we carried her one dark night by sea far down the coast of Africa and left her at the palace door of a deaf king,宠物📍 who ruled over a small country south of the Congo River. He married her. Of course,连连看🛁 being deaf,可爱💘 he didn't mind her everlasting chatter in the least."4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版"I thought I'd never come up again,小游戏🐗 and even when I did I nearly drowned before I found the string in the dark and scrambled,小游戏⭐ gasping for breath,4399🚧 out of the vat.


And he went out into the kitchen and woke up the housekeeper.


"He was,小游戏📞 indeed,宠物🌊" said the duck. "I'm not surprised his wife is sick,连连看🐧 if she has a husband with a face like that."


"So off I went across the moonlit snow and the blinking owls on the roof of the dyeing shed never spotted me. Against the whiteness I was nearly invisible. I felt quite proud. At last my white fur was coming in handy.4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版"Good Lord!" groaned the Doctor,宠物❕ and he nearly broke the paddle as he churned the water astern to make the canoe go faster yet.

And the Doctor held some medicine to his lips which he had taken from the little black bag.


Nearly all of the history of Doctor Dolittle's post office took place when he was returning from a voyage to West Africa. Therefore I will begin (as soon as I have told you a little about how he came to take the journey) from where he turned his ship towards home again and set sail for Puddleby-on-the-Marsh.

"Well,小游戏💰 you see,4399😖" said John Dolittle,连连看🚁 "I think we might,连连看👥 because we could use the mail service for the birds themselves,宠物🚑 and the animals,连连看👄 too,可爱👏 to send their letters by,4399🌗 as well as the Fantippans."4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版"Look here,可爱📞 Jip,连连看📱" said John Dolittle,4399📟 "you said you got this bone from No-Man's-Land. Did you see any dragons there?"

"But just as they were about to begin on the fish (the soup was already gone,宠物🎓 you see),4399💤 there was a great noise outside the dining hall and in rushed another lot of little men,4399⛪ a bright red in color. These were The Toadstool Sprites,宠物🚄 ancient enemies of the Cook Goblins. A tremendous fight began,宠物🍊 one side using toothpicks for spears and the other using nut crackers for clubs. The pig took the side of his friends the Cook Goblins,可爱🚖 and,4399👠 being as big as any two of the enemy put together,连连看💕 he soon had the Toadstool Sprites running for their lives.

"Welcome,4399🏥 John Dolittle. Welcome to Lake Junganyika."

"As he took a seat beside me on the doorstep I burst into tears and told him all that had happened to me since we left our parents' home.

Standing on the top of the hill with Jip and the piffilosaurus at his side,连连看🚶 the Doctor gazed down over the wide bowl full of contented animal life and heaved a sigh.4399小游戏宠物连连看可爱版Next Cheapside,连连看🌘 grumbling in a sleepy chirp,连连看✉ brought his head out from under his wing,连连看♐ gave the muddy scenery one look and popped it back again.


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    "Everything all right now,可爱💛 Doctor?" he asked as he swept in graceful circles around the canoe.

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    "'There's no food here,可爱🚫' he said,连连看⚓ 'only dyes of different colors.' And he pointed to the big dye vats,连连看🚦 all in a row,4399⛔ that towered in the half darkness above our heads.

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    And then an idea came to him.

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    Even Zuzana stopped her wailing and turned to look. And there,4399🔓 away out on the dim,4399🍖 black edge of the ocean,连连看📼 they could see a tiny light.

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    "Let yourself drift,连连看📈 Doctor,小游戏☺" panted Jip. "Don't waste your strength fighting the current. Let yourself drift. Even if we're carried past the island out to sea we can land on the mainland further down the coast,小游戏🍂 where the current isn't so strong."

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    As soon as these two men stepped ashore at Fantippo a porter came up to them to carry their bags. And right in the middle of the porter's chest the collectors spied the twopenny-halfpenny Fantippo red! Then both of the stamp collectors offered to buy the stamp. And as each was anxious to have it for his collection,可爱🎭 before long they were offering high prices for it,宠物😐 bidding against one another.

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    "I agree,宠物🦢" said the King. "But the stamps must all have my beautiful face upon them,小游戏💰 and no other."

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